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10 Signs of Knowing You Are Commitment Phobic

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Phobic or some people relate to as phobia is an extreme or irrational fear cause by an object or a situation. Commitment phobia is a very painful experience for both persons involved since relationship is not easy and challenges really occur. There are really many causes of commitment phobia. This includes poor romantic relationships, which is very inevitable especially to couples and this cause has also many causes such as fear and trauma. Take note that commitment phobia is not only present in couples, but in every relationship we have such as family and friends, school, church and work or officemates affiliations. Signs will show if you are having a commitment phobia. Let us take a look for some signs just in case we want to check ourselves.

  1. Very Affectionate and Loving


We can see that there are girl and boy out there that do kiss in front of the public and do show how they love each other by doing some physical activities. These partners usually are very touchy in the public, maybe simply because they want the public to know that they are officially in a relationship. These kinds of actions are usually being seen by men and women between 20’s to 30’s as they are still very active   with these kinds of relationships.

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