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10 Ways on How to Make your Kids Eat Vegetables Everyday

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There are many nutritious benefits that vegetables can give to our body. It does not only rich in vitamins such Vitamin A, B, C, folic acid, dietary fiber and more, but also naturally low in fat and also in calories. Eating the right amount of serving of vegetables everyday will help our body to be stronger and will prevent us to get sick such as high blood pressure; this is why it is very important, not just for the adults, but also for the kids to also eat vegetables every day. The problem nowadays that parents faced is children do not like to eat vegetables. Some parents, especially moms are creative enough in finding ways on how to let them eat these. Below are some of the ways which can help you.

  1. Set a Good Example


Kids do what they see from other people. This is a good strategy in making your children eat vegetables. Showing to them that as adult, you are consuming vegetables, then they will also eat these. If they saw that you do not like to eat these, then you will have a hard time to convince them eating one, since they will tell you that even you cannot eat these.

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