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Top 10 Desserts in the Philippines

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Most of us love to eat sweets or what other called as the dessert. Usually we end our meal with dessert. Some people, especially those who are dessert fanatic or have a sweet tooth, do even bake dessert and serve them during holidays or even Thanksgiving Day. For some who do not have enough time, just buy these from the stores and serve them during the meal. To give you an idea, Philippines is one of the country who loves to eat and make desserts. Below are some of the top recommended desserts in the Philippines we try to consider:

  1. Leche Flan


This Filipino dessert is a variation of Crème caramel and made up of milk, usually around 8 eggs, and is usually served during feasts or other celebrations. It is heavy and silky custard topped with caramelized sugar that is also being served as one of the ingredients in Halo Halo, a famous dessert in the Philippines. Make sure to drink plenty of water after having this in your table.

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