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Some amazing desserts of India

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The hypnotizing and delicious taste of the Indian menu has crossed the outskirts of India and spread to all parts of the world. All people around the world love Indian food. One main and a big reason   behind this is the rich assortment of Indian nourishment with all its diverse curries ,chutneys  and desserts that are so natural  that everyone can fall in love with them. An Indian menu is not something that you can take a look at and make a quick order. You have to see in details about the food and desserts before placing the order. Let’s discuss some well-known desserts of Indian food today. These desserts are very popular not only in India but around the world. People are big fan of Indian foods and desserts and they especially travel to this mazing country to experience the real tastes of food.

  1. Gulab Jamun

It is one of the famous and most delicious dessert that is must on occasions and special events. It is made in many ways but koya is the main ingredient. Balls are made and fried in oil and then dipped in sugar sauce.

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