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10 remarkable things that happened in 2016

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Well, 2016was had been a significant stunning, and at times a shocking year so far. A considerable lot of our most loved social symbols have kicked the bucket, there have been an expansive number of dread assaults and we are experiencing a period of political turbulence after Brexit.

Some of the time it feels like we have had one end to the other awful news this year. Be that as it may, we have had a few triumphs incredible and little in the country and over the world. It truly isn’t all terrible there are some good inventions and tasks happened last year, so here’s a recap of some of the most delightful news stories from past year in this way, to make us happy and hopeful.

  1. Queen Elizabeth turns 90

The longest-ruling British ruler hits another record on April 21, yes you are right her 90th birthday. The queen celebrated her birthday and so the nation too. A celebration from June 10-12 was  incorporated  and also  a birthday parade and a supporter’s lunch, to praise the Queen’s support of more than 600 associations around the globe.

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