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Famous people the world lost in 2016

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It is damn true that 2016 has been an unpleasant and sad year, as we lost numerous social goliaths, from prince to David Bowie  Gwen I fill to John Glenn and many more … all things considered, it’s one serious list. Hence, what makes 2016 sting all the more was the manner by which profound the misfortunes were. While we grieved the passing’s of greats who lived in the hearts and eye of the society, the world likewise lost trailblazers, life changers and ground-breakers, individuals who might not have earned the same number of features but rather had no less an impact amid their lives.

Let’s have a look of some famous people we lost in 2016

  1. Richard Adams

The famous and well-known writer of dozen books and stories, Richard Adams kicked the bucket on Dec. 24, 2016, at 96 years old. He’s is famous for Water ship Down, the story of a gathering of rabbits who experience a laden adventure after their warren is crushed. Adams was granted the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for the global smash hit.

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