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How to Clean Stains using Home Remedies

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With a limited budget on our daily expenses, it is essential for us to think of ways on how to cut operating cost in order for us to save even on little things. This practice is so true especially to family home; this is why most people are using some home remedies even on cleaning their houses. If you are one of those adult people who is responsible to clean stains in your very own home, it is best to find ways on how to clean them using home remedies to avoid high expenses or buying separate cleaning tools. As a family member, it is also important to know how to handle the stains as soon as you saw it, because if you will allow it to stay there longer, the harder you will settle or clean it as it hardens every day.

If you are into cleaning your very own home with just using some home remedies, we can have the options below in order to help us.

Lemon Juice

Most of us are fond of drinking lemon juice and we do this by squeezing the lemon fruit into our glass with water.  Are you aware that the lemon juice itself is a great tool for cleaning your very own home? For some people who are looking for ways to remove the stains or rust in their toilet or faucet, then all you need to do is to rub the lemon zest into the old rust or stained tools you wanted to clean and you will be able to notice that the stain will be remove slowly. You can also apply some lemon juice if you want to, but lemon zest alone is already enough as it also have some juice in it. In this way, you do not only drank your favorite lemon juice, but also cleaned stains of your home, so it is a double purpose.


If you will notice, soft drinks or soda’s can also be used to clean your stained tools as home. Actually most homes are using this to clean their toilet and they found it very effective in removing hardened dirt, this is possible because of the carbonic acid ingredient in the soda itself that fights the toilet and other stains. So the next time you run out of your common tools in cleaning your toilet or even your other home tools or you just don’t want to use or buy commercial toilet cleaners anymore because of some reasons, then you can try this option and you will be able to notice that this is also an effective way of cleaning them. Note that you can also use this to remove the rust of your tools.

Baking Powder

We all know that baking soda is used by most moms at home for baking cakes and other pastries. To give an idea, baking soda is a mixture of baking soda, cream of tartar and cornstarch and because of this, some households do also take advantage of using this in cleaning their very own home. If you have not try it, then all you need to do is to mix baking powder with water to create an antacid and apply it in the stains you wanted to remove such as toilet bowl, drainage, faucet or even on your sink. After few minutes of applying, you will notice that the hardened stain will slowly dissolve or liquefy. After that, you can wash it with water to remove the stains completely.


Maybe the first thing that you will think is that aspirin is only used for sick people since it is a medicine to reduce fever or to relieve pain conditions in muscles and headaches, but did you know that some people also use this in removing sweat stains? Some household moms do make a paste using aspirin and water and they do apply it in the yellow area of the clothes before they do the laundering. The effect after the laundry is that the stains are removed. Actually, the salicylic acid in aspirin is the effective cleaning agent in it that works like your other cleaning agent such as detergents.

For some people, they are still into chemical cleaning materials offered in the market, because they believe that these can help them clean stains and this is what they used to use as a tool, but for some who just wanted to try the above suggested home remedies for cleaning, then you can attempt to do so in order for you to check if it really works.

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