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What is Air Fryer and how does it work?

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An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that is use by some households to cook the food through the process of super heated air circulation. As mentioned, the food cooked in the air fryer was circulated in super heated process, meaning that while cooking your food, the air fryer appliance is closed. Majority of the households nowadays use this to cook their almost every day meals as there are also advantages when using one. If you are curious and wanted to know what food an air fryer can cook before considering purchasing one, then you can check some of the lists below to have an idea.

  1. Fish and Chips – One of the common foods we can eat at the restaurants is fish and chips and with air fryer, this can be cook in about 15 minutes.
  2. Chicken Drumsticks – If you are planning to have a quick meal, well air fryer can also cook you your favorite marinated chicken drumsticks. Just make sure that you have the recipe for your favorite flavor then it will give you a nice meal for the day.
  3. Fries – Another food we can cook in this machine is fries. Almost all restaurants are also using this air fryer to cook one, because it is better for them to cook this one rather than using frying pans.
  4. Sweet Potatoes – Aside from fries, sweet potatoes are also perfect using this one. Since heat is circulated inside, then it will be cook evenly.

If you are planning to buy one, it is always best to compare and check the benefit of using one. Let us take a look at some of the advantages:

  1. Rapid Air Technology – According to research, air fryers uses a technology called as “Rapid Air Technology” wherein it brings the cooking a new method that makes the food you cook not dunk in deep fat or oil cholesterol.
  2. Efficient Cooking Method – Another benefit of cooking using this appliance is that it allows your food to be cooked more efficiently since it radiates heat close to the food you placed inside the fryer.
  3. Short Cooking Time – One good thing about air fryer compared to the other traditional methods of frying food is that you can spend only less time frying the food and in return you will save time. Since this fryer uses the advanced technology wherein the heat air constantly passes through the food, then it will allow the raw food to be cook quickly and thus allowing the hungry person to eat earlier than the usual time.
  4. Less Oil Usage or Consumption – Most people wanted to cook their food with less cholesterol and this is what the Air fryer is actually giving to the users. It is designed to fry your favorite dish in a perfectly brown way that is crispy and at the same time less fat compared to the traditional cooking way.

With so many air fryers available in the market today, it is best to know how it works. As mentioned, it uses new way of cooking equipment termed as the “Rapid Air Technology” wherein the hot air is circulating very quickly inside the equipment itself and of course in the food you are cooking. In this way, the food inside are evenly cook and at the same time, it gives the food the taste and flavor we wanted.

Since air fryer is better than the usual cooking appliance method we can use, then we can really say that there are also some advantages or benefits that we can get from this one.

First, since it is mentioned above that you can use less oil in frying the same food you like using this, then we can consume low-fat meals, thus preventing us from having high cholesterol.

Second, since it has the rapid air technology wherein heat circulates inside, then the food you are cooking will be perfectly cooked food and you can avoid eating raw ones. Imagine some fried foods cooked in other appliance such as frying pan still have blood inside it and every time we wanted to eat, we encounter those.

Third, this appliance is also easy to clean, this is because we only use less oil compared to the traditional way. Since we only less oil, then there is less mess.

The last one is that we can save money. Since we only use less oil, then we do not need to buy lots of cooking oil every time we wanted to use it.

There are many brands of air fryer out in the market today and some have different special functions such as adjustable temperature and timer knobs for more precise food cooking. It is best to choose one with a dip tray included in it.

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