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Places to Visit in Mexico

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Mexico has been a popular place to visit to the travelers for long. Situated on the centre o f the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean, it has not only to offer exotic beach views but also mysterious jungles and ruins of old civilizations. But often tourist doubt whether it is safe to visit Mexico or not. The answer is yes if you know where to go and do a little bit research before going there. Here are some breathtaking beautiful places in Mexico which you should definitely step a foot.

  1. Tulum:

Tulum is one of the most popular beaches in Mexico. Beautiful sugar sands, green water and cooling breeze have been the source of attractions for the tourist. One more thing to add in this place is the Maya ruin which has its own historical and architectural value.

2. Izamal: This city is a reminder of the ancient colonial rule. Izamal is known as the “ Yellow City” because all the buildings here are painted yellow. This unique city has also to offer the ruins of Maya civilization.

3. Guadalajara: This is the second largest city in Mexico and is made up containing three more small cities, each containing its own uniqueness, creating together a beautiful harmony. Guadalajara is mainly known for tequila and mariachi music. Filled with restaurants, shopping malls and night clubs, it is also dream destination for folk art lovers.

4. Mexico City: The nation’s capital has come out a long way from fighting its drug war. Buzzing with life, Mexico City is full of cultural renaissance and exploding with culinary arts. It also provides with brimming examples of pre-Hispanic and colonial history.

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