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Different Usage of Coffee

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Coffee is the perfect wake up call for the sleepy head in the morning. It refreshes your mind and strengthens your nerves and provides with the stamina fight with the world. But what is unknown to the world that, apart from the irreplaceable morning drink, it has some other extraordinary use too! Let’s check out eleven other uses of coffee that we can be benefitted with:

  1. Reducing Cellulite: Caffeine is the main ingredient of all those advertised cellulite cream. It supposedly reduces the fatty pockets under the skin by enhancing the fat metabolism. To make it at home, warm used coffee grounds should be mixed with coconut oil and rub in a circular motion before rinsing for few minutes.

2. For shiny hair: Coffee is also very useful to get shiny hair. Brew it in a pot and then let it cool. Then use is it on clean & dry hair. After that leave it for 20 minutes to be rinsed off with cold water. Applying this method once in a week will bring the best result.

3. Natural Dye: Coffee is used as a natural dye for fabric, hair, paper and Easter eggs these days. Brew it in a pot and then soak the fabric you want to dye, in the pot. The color may wash away so best to use on those things that are not washed much.

4. Exfoliating Skin: To buff away the dead skin cells and have a smooth and tight skin, coffee is a smart choice. Mix coffee grinds with olive oil or your favorite essential oil and have them gently rubbed to get the desired result.

5. Erase Furniture Scratches: Coffee can make the scratches disappear like that! Simply rub the coffee paste made with hot water and dampened coffee on the scratch and repeat it if necessary.

6. Aromatic Coffee: To fill your room with freshness, simply fill a ladies stocking with fresh ground coffee and tie it up.

7. Fertilizer: It can directly be used as fertilizer by mixing with soil for the plants that like high acidities like roses and azaleas. Coffee has calcium, potassium and other trace minerals.

8. Drive Smell Away: We often get disturbing smell stuck on our hands after cutting onions, salmon or garlic. Coffee can sure help us to remove them away. Rub a handful of used coffee grounds and wash with hot water.

9. Farewell Ants: Ants are very repellant towards coffee, either its size or smell. So if you are annoyed with them, you can easily bid them farewell by just casually spreading some coffee grounds at their places.

10. Coffee help Carrots: If you are planning to make your own garden and carrots are on your list then you will be pleased to know that coffee helps carrots to grow faster. So mix coffee grounds with your carrot beans and help them grow sooner that you expected!

11. Pin Cushion Filler: If you are a lover of sewing then you must lose your pins now and then. No more losing them, make a pin cushion filled with coffee beans and sew without the fear of losing them anymore!

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