Best and Worst Food to Break Your Fast - Things You Need To Know Today


Best and Worst Food to Break Your Fast

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Fasts are kept by people for religious and health reasons around the world. It varies from tribes to tribes. Some fasts are total devoid of food and drinks while some involve liquids. Fasting seems reliably harder than breaking it. But we often forget that we should be more careful about our bodies and therefore be more careful about breaking the fast. During fast, our body goes under significant changes. Enzymes produced to digest our foods cease to be made less or diminish totally. Therefore, we need to take it slow, not to overburden our stomach. Here are some names of foods to break our fast with and the foods which are harmful for our body:

  1. Raw Fruits: Since our body doesn’t take sufficient energy during fast and break down skeletal muscle to convert energy, the first food we take after breaking a fast becomes critical to nourish the body. In this case, raw fruits and fruit juices are easy to digest and assimilate. They also provide enough nutrition and energy. So break your fast with freshly squeezed fruit juice or fruits like watermelon, grapes, apples and pears. But fruits like lemon and citrus can be harmful as they can cause acidic problem.
  2. Water: Nothing can replace water. To rehydrate your body, drink a glass of filtered or purified water. But too much water can be dangerous. Drink 2-3 liter of water with intervals.
  3. Raw Vegetables: Raw vegetables are highly nutritious with vitamins, minerals etc. Organic vegetables are great to break a fast. Organic vegetables are herbicides, hormones, pesticides free and rich in antioxidants. Carrot juice or adding a little celery or beet juice to make a cocktail can be a great fast breaker! But not all the raw vegetables are good for eating after fast. Be careful while choosing.
  4. Yogurt: Yogurt can be a good item to break the fast. Try to have the unsweetened version and you can try it with fresh foods. Avoid eating sweetened yogurt, which can be bad.
  5. Cooked Vegetables and Soup: Cooked vegetables and vegetable soup are also good as food after fast. Potatoes, sprouts, carrots, tomatoes etc are good to go. Soups should be vegetables also. Non-veg soup can cause problem as its quite heavy causing worse situation.
  6. Well Cooked grains and beans: Breaking fast can be done with very well cooked grains or beans. But make sure they are thoroughly cooked otherwise it can case bloating problem. Uncooked grains and beans are worse than having no grains at all.
  7. Nuts and eggs: Nuts and eggs can be used too. Nuts like fried kaju and almonds are good. But too much nuts can be dangerous as their main element is fat. Eggs can be eaten as boiled. Other forms can be proved to be worse
  8. Milk and meat: Non-cultured milk products are good to be taken while breaking fast. But in no ways milk can be drunk in totally empty stomach. It will become the nightmare if you are lactose intolerant. Again many people say that they are going to eat a huge steak as their first meal because as they have fasted for many days. But their first meal can become their last meal because such a heavy meal would be a huge problem to their digestive system.

People will get more benefits if their fasts are broken properly. Be kind to your body by taking it slow and steady.

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