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How important it is to show compassion to your kids and how does it affect them?

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In a world full of chaos and blood-shed, everyone needs compassion. But those who need it most are the kids. Kids are the future sensible citizen of our world. And to make them sensible, a secure atmosphere full of compassion is the basic need they deserve. Primarily, it feels like all that kids need are food and sleep. But recent researches show that kids grow a sense of compassion from the very early stage of life, so a little lack of compassion can be easily detected by them. Let’s probe into a deeper discussion about how compassion goes a long way in our kid’s life:

A new study by UCLA shows that a loving, secure and compassionate surrounding can alter neural circuits among kids which could influence their mental health throughout their lifespan. On the other hand, the influence of childhood abuse or lack of compassionate parents can cause a negative mental or physical toll which can damage them for a lifetime. Neglects in childhood can increases the result of mortality and morbidity. Studies also show that lack of parental affection and effects of abuse on regulatory system of human body can cause poor health in later life. There may be a way to reduce the impact abuse has on child’s physical health. If they have love from parental figures, then they may be more protected from the influence of abuse on adult biological risk as health problems than those who don’t get such kind of loving adult around them.

Child abuse or lack of compassion has been resulted in various diseases in later life. For example, toxic surroundings have caused cardiovascular disease, elevated cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and other significant health troubles. The researcher added further that this toxic stress at childhood changes neural responses to boosting the emotional and physical arousal to threat, stress and thus making it more difficult to react to be turned off. Researchers have said that the saw direct results of being brought up in a compassionate environment which causes their overall wellbeing. It prevents the marks of indicative diseases on numerous physical diseases causing adverse results coming out in later life.

Parents of course cannot always protect their kids from all kind of negativity. Since they go to school and play with friends, they are exposed to different kind of behaviors and treatment. These often include shaming, bully, criticism etc.

Shaming is very toxic specifically because children keep mum about it believing that the comments which are made about them are true. If a child is taught that being humiliated is unacceptable he or she would speak up against abuse.

So the children must be brought up in a very loving, caring and compassionate environment. It is the sacred duty of the parents to ensure the environment for their kids. If still there are some children with stressful past, they should be helped fighting with these situations with workout regiment, mindfulness training etc.

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