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Why you should not kiss your newborns in the mouth?

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Babies, everyone finds them cute. And what is cute, we want to touch him, and especially make him cuddles and kisses. Yes, but be careful. A simple routine kiss can cost life to an infant!

Doctors do not stop repeating it to new parents: do not let your baby be kissed everywhere, especially on the mouth.

The risk of serious illnesses

Before his fourth month or if he is born premature, it is normal to protect the newborn from microbes. Some families even decide to go out as little as possible with their child during this period in order to avoid sicknesses. If nothing forces you cloister at home, the young age of your baby amply justifies your refusal to let strangers put their hands that have gone somewhere, in his face. It is perfectly correct to tell people politely not to touch him during this period. We are talking here about foreigners, but it is the same for the relatives who are less disdainful than you. If you do not like a big aunt kissing your baby on the mouth, a one-year-old cousin gives big drooling kisses on your newborn’s face or if you are not comfortable to let someone who has been sick recently visit (and take) your baby, say it nicely, but firmly.

“Do not let anyone kiss your baby on the mouth.” A practice that must be avoided at all costs, the infant after this mark of tenderness can develop very serious health problems.

Labial herpes is particularly common, 80% of the population would be carriers, but only 20% would have manifestations due to the disease, cold sores formed of small very painful and very contagious vesicles. It is a viral infection, triggered by certain factors, the contagion is at maximum during the outbreak.

A baby kissed on the mouth can develop serious complications. Cold sores represent a real danger to babies, before three months an infant cannot fight against the herpes virus. The baby can even die, without being too alarmist, damage to the liver and brain may occur. We must not confuse herpes labial and genital herpes. Suffering from a cold sore is not an easy thing in being an adult and when the virus reaches a baby, it’s much worse. From the appearance of small blisters on the lips of the newborn and swelling of the gums, you must prevent a doctor. If the virus enters the bloodstream, it can affect the baby’s brain and cause meningitis. As a simple kiss can have dramatic consequences, a baby must be protected against viruses and for that, it is necessary to try to limit the number of people who kiss the newborn.

From the physical point of view, the kiss on the mouth of a newborn is not hygienic. With saliva droplets, many infections can be transmitted, from influenza to mononucleosis. In addition, the oral cavity of an adult contains bacteria that can cause gum disease.

From the psychological point of view, the kiss on the mouth can please the baby, because the contact with the lips reminds him of the pleasant moment of breastfeeding.

However, when the child begins to grow and compare with the surrounding society, he begins to realize that in the cultural patterns of our society, kissing on the lips is a symbol of love in a couple. Therefore, in this case, he might feel confused in his role. Then comes the time to put an end to this habit, with affection and intelligence.

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