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How To Color Hair Naturally

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Who doesn’t like a dash of color on those lustrous locks? The dream of every fashion-conscious woman is to find the perfect shade for her hair that will make her stand out among the crowd. There are countless brands in the market offering a plethora of colors to magnify your beauty. But artificial colors come with a number of side effects not-so-friendly for your locks . some of you may be allergic to artificial hair colors.Hereby, dying your hair naturally is a good option to nourish them as well as add a touch of sophistication. Fortunately there are a few ingredients you may use without any hassle to suit the purpose-

Henna : A herb with countless benefits, henna is being used as a coloring agent for ages. Egyptian queen Cleopetra, often sited as the epitome of beauty , is said to have used henna for coloring hair naturally to make them shine and keep their beauty intact. No wonder henna is welcomed by people of all ages who seek nourishment and shine for their tresses. You can use henna leaves collected directly from the plant or store-bought powdered henna. Use them directly on your hair and repeat the process a couple of times to gain a desirable hue. Henna has antibacterial property so it can purify as well as balance out any problematic issue related to hair growth.

Coffee: Good news for all the coffee-lovers out there. Your morning energizer can now be used to cover up those gray strands or impart a shiny look overall. Brew a strong cup of coffee, let it come to room temperature and add two cups of leave in conditioner along with 2 tablespoons of grounded coffee into the concoction. Put the mixture on clean and dry hair. Let it sit for around one hour. Now rinse off with apple cider vinegar. Repeat a few times to see the difference.

Lemon juice: A very common yet versatile ingredient of our kitchen, this can work wonders when it comes to color your tresses naturally. Spray the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and let it sit for at least three hours on your hair . go out in the sun if you want a dramatic look. In the case of blonde hair, mix up some chamomile tea with the juice.

Tea: The most popular beverage across the world is also great for coloring your hair. Black tea darkens the hair naturally and if you go for a lighter shade, there exist a number of varieties to help you. Chamomile tea is suggested blondes or people who prefer to bring out the natural blonde highlights. Rooibos works well for red hair. Magnify the coloring effects of tea by sitting in the sun while it sits on the hair. The more you use it, the better result you will notice. Make sure the application is very concentrated. Use 3-5 tea bags for one cup of water and add your go-to conditioner after it cools down. The mixture should sit on your hair at least for one hour. You can also cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it all night.

Now that you know the natural colorants for shiny and well-nourished tresses , opt the one that is best for you . Flaunt your asset in front of the world without any worries.


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