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If the world was to come to an end, what would you do?

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Death ………………The only certain thing in this worldly life full of uncertainty. No one exactly knows the time but everyone awaits it knowingly or unknowingly. We have so many stuff in our wish-list in this short span of life and most of them hardly get fulfilled. Most of us lead an ordinary life bombarded with social and familial obligations and in the process lose ourselves. By the time death Reaches us, we are forced to accept it as a wee bit of dread. We know the end is nearing yet we are never prepared.

If one of you get to know that you are going to die tomorrow, what would be your reaction? If the world was to come to an end, what would you do? Well, If I were the one, my first reaction would   be”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”………….”I do not want to be uprooted before I have evolved into a tree with roots underneath a good number of layers of soil. ” Panic would have consumed me totally and I would lose the ability to think or even move. But there goes a theorem that claims our brains are not accustomed to holding stress for a long chunk of time. This is the reason cancer patients or people combating fatal diseases accept the truth that they have a limited period of time. Terror strikes them hard but later they accept death almost naturally.

So, after I get back my ability to think and move, I will ponder over things I want badly before I close my eyes. I will love to spend some quality time with my family and friends as much as possible. They are my support system and death will separate us forever. It will be less painful if all of us come together to accept the biggest truth of our lives and support each other till the very end.

As a huge foodie, food gives me the utmost comfort. It might seem an exaggeration but I would really like to have a good meal with myself. A good book with a nice meal comprising both sweet and savory items is exactly my kind of luxury. Contrary to the popular wave, I love my meal when I have it with myself. No fuss, no formalities, and no noise. Just food and me. The greatest affair of my life should last till the very end.

We are common mortals and we make mistakes. We hurt each other both intentionally and unintentionally. Before the final goodbye, I would apologize to my beloved ones. It so happens we hurt people who we love most. Nothing can ever change the past but a sincere apology from the bottom of the heart soothes wound to a great extent. While leaving our beloved planet earth, we should have love and respect for each other that can only stem from honest confessions.

Last to mention but the most important one is to thank the Almighty for this wonderful life. Thanking him will only signify the life we have as a gift and will result in inner peace at its best.

Do you guys like my plans ?? Or you have a completely divergent wish list to accomplish before the final hour begins ??The choice is yours.

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