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LED eye lashes – the future of fashion

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Eyeing someone or grooving in parties has gone to a whole new level with the introduction of LED eyelashes! At first thought, it may seem like, whoa! This is so futuristic! But considering the Terminator movie, we are already living in future, huh! And LED eyelash is a total epitome of that future life.The LED eyelashes are practically designed for those who like going flashing themselves around and like the little mix of technology with it. And it has taken the crowd by storm!

These psychedelic color changing LED eyelashes were first introduced by designer Tien Pham and Davey Taylor. Since then has got the attention of the people who want some extra pizzazz. These were debuted at Maker Faire, which is an event hosted by Make magazine for celebrating crafts, engineering and science projects and arts.

The lashes are “Fine, Fresh & Fierce” according to “Kickstarter”, the crowd-funding website of the duo. The designers are also calling it F lashes and considering it as the next level in wearable interactive and electronic cosmetics.

F lashes are tiny strips of LEDs which stick to your eye lids using lash adhesive. But there is an annoying controller with a connecting wire, which has to be hidden preferably in your hair. This controller is a 3.3-volt watch battery and its charge lasts for 4 hours! The owner also claims that the lashes hold up well when exposed to sweat and don’t emit any heat. So once it’s set, it is amazing for sure!

The lashes come in several different colors! And it follows your movement and responds to it. Like if you are jumping, dancing or simply posing for selfies, the colors will change and reactions will vary. You will have all the colors like red, white, green, blue so no tension regarding matching your outfits. The five different patterns have their unique and cool names like, “hyper burst”, “endless winks”  or “knight riding” etc. The application takes less than a minute. The lashes are completely re-usable.

The wire is causing pretty much disturbance. It will be using more in parties and clubs at first. Places, where it takes the time to dress for, will take time for the new fashion trend of course. When the wire vanishes, it will be mainstream and in 20 years it will be retro!

We cannot wait to get our hands on it but unfortunately, they are not quite mainstream, yet. It has been known from Pham’s twitter page that a campaign will arrive in July for the F lashes. If it is successful, the team working with it will put it into production.

F lashes are the kind of product that the hardcore party-goers would create and wear. This is something that has gone live in the neon based future like the one depicted in Blade Runner. Nobody asked for this wearable piece of tech but apparently, everybody is asking for it. It has smashed $40,000 targets and currently pledged for $93,000.

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