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Celebrities into the limelight of Sports

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Celebrities are famous for their chosen field which is acting. Their lives are as busy as a beehive and we fail to realize sometimes that they are not just actors and actresses, but they also have a life outside of the limelight.  Some of them are writers, producers, musicians, singers, painters, designers and a lot more. And the hectic schedule of the spotlight is not a hindrance for them to be able to perform other jobs and roles.

Sports is a totally different thing from acting. Nevertheless, there are celebrities who involve themselves in different kinds of athletic activities despite the kind of luxury they have. It has become a trend for them to participate in such as a way of hobby and to entertain themselves.

You might be amazed to find out that some of your favorite stars are into triathlons, cyclings, swimming and many more. Well it is another add on to the list of characteristic that will make you love them even more.

Let us find out if your favorites are in the list.

  1. Bruce Lee – He is an icon in the industry of martial arts and even in movies. The beginning of his career in the entertainment industry started when he was discovered by a producer because of his skills in martial arts.
  2. Dwayne Johnson – Who wouldn’t know him? We are all familiar with the ever famous ‘The Rock’ in the phenomenal show, Wrestlemania. But before everything else, he was once a pro football player for the Miami Hurricane.
  3. Terry Crews – with so much shows here and there you wouldn’t know that this man is a football champion back in the day. He used to play at the Western Michigan University as a defensive end before he pursued acting.
  4. Michael Jordan – You have not lived if you don’t know who he is. He is the man who actually defined the most loved and played game in the world, basketball. Though he didn’t really pursue acting, he starred in the memorable movie, Space Jam and Like Mike movie.
  5. John Cena – Another pride from the wrestling federation is the man who made the line “You can’t see me” famous. He was a football player at Springfield College before his wrestling career and starred in the movie, The Marine which was produced by the Vince Mcmahon’s World Wrestling Enterprise.
  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger – before focusing on his political career, he was once a professional body builder. His roles in the movie, The Terminator, are unforgettable.
  7. George Clooney – One of Hollywood’s faces, was once a basketball player before he focused on his acting career and leaving the life in hoops behind.
  8. Tom Cruise – It is no wonder he can physically do things because back in his younger days, Tom was side-lined as a wrestler and used to play soccer.
  9. Chuck Norris – He was a real life Karate Athlete champion back in the day.
  10. Mark Harmon – The guy from the NCIS series was once the quarterback for UCLA and he led the Bruins to a 17-5 record.
  11. Jason Lee – he is not just an indie actor, but a successful professional skateboarder and extreme sports entrepreneur.
  12. Emma Watson – She has earned her spot in Hollywood and for you who doesn’t know, she was good at playing field hockey when she was still in Brown. She even made it to the team. This girl is indeed good at almost everything.
  13. Shaquille O’Neal – One of the faces of basketball history is Shaq. During his basketball career, he also landed seeral acting roles and launched rap music.
  14. Caitlin Jenner – Famous for denouncing his masculinity after his gender transition, Caitlin was an Olympian back in 1980 and won gold medal in the Olympic decathlon.

Did you find your favorite in the list? Don’t worry because the list goes on. These celebrities are not just good in acting but are indeed multitalented.

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