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Hootie shoes, the trend shoes that will make all the rage this autumn-winter

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If you do not know the existence of the Hootie yet, it’s normal. There is no doubt that this shoe trend will be unavoidable this autumn-winter.

The ankle boot has already taken a little ahead in the category of the coolest shoes of the season, it should, however, take very little time to the Hootie to join it on the podium. Spotted on the catwalks of Céline, Acne Studio, and Jil Sander during Autumn-Winter Fashion Week, these it-shoes are becoming indispensable.

What is exactly the Hootie?

As often happens, it all started on Celine’s podium. We were in early October 2014 and Phoebe Philo had put on, for the summer of 2015, his mannequins of ultra-soft leather shoes, elasticated, glued on a ballerina sole or a thick heel. Funny shoes, neither really classic nor frankly sexy. However, since then, these models named Ballerina are rolled back from season to season in the Céline dressing room.

And here in this re-entry, this same kind of shoes abound in the press and in department stores.

The success of these shoes also comes from their handcrafted production: each model is cut manually sewn. It is the foot that gives shape, not the other way around.

In the same way that the mix between jean and legging gave birth to “jegging”, the creators were this time amused to mix heels with boots. The result: hyper-comfortable and very soft heel shoes, specially designed to fit the shape of the foot.

Another detail: the slit cut that goes up subtly along the foot. An advantage that keeps your feet warm, by just unveiling what it takes to the skin to keep the spirit and elegance of pumps.

If the haute couture models are out of reach (600 dollars for a pair signed Jil Sander), the brands are finally starting out of the Hooties and adapting them. Some brands do not hesitate to opt for a rounded tip, a smaller heel or a slightly less pronounced slit.

On merchant sites, however, do not expect to find the specific term “Hootie”. It is still difficult to find his happiness in a few clicks. So it will be necessary to trample to find the pearl.

So how do we wear the Hootie shoes?

We wear them like any shoes with thick heels, we show the ankles to refine the foot and lighten the silhouette.

Of course, this ballerina of the season found its place at Repetto. Curiously, it initially addressed the boys. Reading an interview with the French singer Stromae in which he complained that he did not find ballerinas for him, Olivier Jault, the shoe designer, wanted to draw a pair of shoes sold last year. “From there to democratize the ballerina for man, I issue a reserve,” says the Frenchman. But I like the idea of bringing a bit of fancy to the men’s range. This winter, it seemed obvious to him that it was necessary to decline this slipper in the collections for woman Repetto. “With their high décolleté, the Caruso also fall into the category of” Hootie “, hybrids of the court and boot. ” But that’s another story.

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