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How to properly maintain your lingerie?

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Machine wash or hand wash? Dryer or not? Find tips and tricks to keep your lingerie sets as new.

Fine lingerie is delicate and sensitive. It deserves to be pampered. However, it is difficult for some of us to always find the time to preciously clean our chic undergarments. We are sometimes tempted to throw them into the machine without special precautions, and it is finished! But we must resist. If you love beautiful lingerie, you also know that its delicacy requires care and maintenance very precise.

What are the wash side secrets to keep a glowing lingerie?

Observe the instructions simply according to the maintenance labels! It is best to wash your lingerie by hand, taking care to dissolve the laundry thoroughly before putting the products in the water to prevent the bleaching of the parts. Do not soak your lingerie. Otherwise, you can also wash it in a machine with a delicate program, 30 ° C – the higher the temperature is, the more risk of shrinkage! – And a soft spin (maximum 600 rpm).

Further tips for the machine wash step:

It is advisable to attach a bra before washing so that it does not get caught in the drum of your machine. Close the ties at the tightest of the bra to avoid tangling them with lace.  Separate the white, the black and the colors. Use a laundry detergent adapted to these colors, for example, the white one contains optically bleaching agents that pass the colors (to be read on the packaging). Preferably liquid lye, since it dissolves better. Be careful not to put too much and avoid the softener because this deteriorates the elastic fabrics and the collages.

The softener may remain in the fibers and cause irritation or fungal infections. In the same way, do not use products too corrosive.

Finally, to preserve your lingerie, it is recommended to use a washing cloth in a machine. Once a year, give your machine a clean by running it empty to eliminate deposits that accumulate.

Are there different treatments for different materials?

In general, in lingerie, all materials must be gently cleaned. Some fabrics can only be washed dry. Silk, for example, is washed in cold water and by hand. But in case of doubt, it is better to rely on the washing instructions.

Dry your lingerie flat on clothes rack. Do not use a dryer, it damages the hulls and damages the caches frames.

Use a mild soap and wash your underwear with lukewarm water and then rinse with cold water to tighten the fibers of the fabrics.

Do not twist your underwear when spinning, they should be pressed gently or they will lose their elasticity. Unusual Grandmother Tip: You can wring your lingerie through a salad spinner and turn gently.

Our tips for tidying up your lingerie:

It is advisable to carefully fold your lingerie and store it away from light.

Store your lingerie in drawers that have a bottom so the wood does not pull the wires. You can create this drawer bottom yourself with tapestry or a nice fabric.

The brassieres should not be compressed. They must be folded by crossing them and retaining their original shape so as not to break or deform them.

Store your undergarments if possible in tissue paper to get to the end of the delicacy.

Store your lingerie when it is completely dry.

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