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How to be trendy this Fall?

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Each fashion season brings a lot of unreleased. This fall, in default of rethinking the garment through its shape, some creators reinvent the way to wear it.

Like it or not, the street has become, for some years already, the new preceptor of good taste. Trends are no longer created only during the fashion week parades, they are made and unmade in the city. But also on social networks, thanks to the influencers who print their looks in the collective unconscious via the images of street style or the selfies posted on Instagram.

Stylists, therefore, strive to find effects adapted to our various daily activities, a fluid and spontaneous dressing room that knows how to adapt to our schedule. The jackets slip on the shoulder or are tied in belts, play the effects of ultra-sophisticated superpositions.

The effect “shoulder cleared”

This re-entry, the hidden-revealed from the top of the bust is all the rage, unveiling a false semblance of nudity. In some stylists, the asymmetrical shoulder play is essential – leather mini dresses and their oversized detached sleeves have an armor – whilst in others, it is a hint of detonating lace caressing this part of the anatomy already unveiled by a long nightie dress.

In daily life, to thwart the cold with this new version of the necklines, we wear bustier dresses or combinations widely open on T-shirts or shirts. Or you slide your jacket in the back for a falsely stripped effect of Hollywood.

The “maxi multi-layered”

The classic message of style is blurred: a Lurex harem pants on a romantic blouse topped by a sports tank top. Simpler but no less effective, the dress in a liquid style worn on a man’s pants and with a long overcoat – three times “yes” to the fuchsia boots to spice up everything! Also to be followed, the stacks of meshes close to the body on shirts overflowing with frills. The “living matter” effect must primer on everything.

The twist preposterous

In this autumn, some great stylists reinterpret the light coat by playing it upside down. While others suspend his collar on the shoulder, misalign the buttons to hang them on the collarbone. Result? Even the banalest piece becomes extraordinary, thanks to the voluminous drapes and the semblance of nonchalance provoked by this effect of style.

To adopt in the street, the games of capes: a jacket in jeans nonchalantly thrown on the shoulder of a wise beige or a long skirt split to drape on the hip buttoning Monday with Tuesday … The important is to have fun.

The silver silhouette

Neither disco reminiscence nor futurism first degree in this ode to the precious metal. Rather a sign of the times, an antidote to austerity. Paradox: the silver look, however uncomplexed, tends towards a certain discretion, blending with gray or white.

The color fur

Polychrome animals to show all colors to his fur (false, preferably): this is the watchword of the moment. Even if it were to be taken as a rare bird, more than a panther.

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