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Oneplus 5T Mobile Review

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The new OnePlus 5T is an excellent choice for a smartphone, but what makes it a bit different is its price: $500. The amount may sound too much but this is still cheaper than top class phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 (over 900 $) or Apple’s iPhone X.

Decent Looks

As far as the design is concerned, it can’t be called exquisite or outstanding, yet it’s simple and posh.

It shares some features with the commonly used phones available in the market— the bottom borders and the top around the screen are narrow. The back cover is metallic. These make the design tasteful while maintaining simple elegance. The design is not flashy.

The thinness of the phone cane be compared to that of others. The phone is 7.3-mm-thick, not much thinner than its competitors like Galaxy Phones or iPhones  but it hardly makes a difference. The thickness of OnePlus 5T goes with the design it has and you can comfortably keep it in your pocket, purse or hand. The thinness combined with its light weight makes it comfortable to use.

Considering the price, the screen quality is great

The screen or display of the phone can be a good competitor for any other phone available for this price. Its 6-inch Amoled screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 is excellent. That’s bigger and thinner than other typical smartphone screens that emerged even last year.

You  may think the 1080p resolution is not good for the 1440p resolution offered by most other Android devices. But you must compared the devices side by side to see the excellence of 5T. It’s display looks nice with vibrant colours and the contrast and brightness levels are good enough to please your eyes.

Super performance

As far as performance is contrast, 5T is a tough rival of other smartphones available for this price. The 5T boasts of a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor Qualcomm. The memory space offered is more than that of its rivals. Whereas most of the best Android smartphones give 4 GB of RAM, even 5T’s base model gives you 6 GB and the top model comes with 8 GB to make you wow.

The good memory space of the phone makes its performance fast also. The extra RAM space is an important factor when your phone is customized with softwares with a larger range of Android design and setting options.

Facial recognition feature— the extra charm

Among OnePlus phones, 5t is the first to offer you the posh facial-recognition technology, which should push it higher on the list of your choices. It makes it easy to unlock your phone easily and block unauthorized use of the phone. As you press the button the phone, it immediately unlocks and takes you straight to the home screen. You can manually turn facial recognition option on.

Weak finger print sensor

As the finger print sensor is at the back, it’s hard to use. It’s level with the case and can be hard to find or see.

Excellent camera

The 16-megapixel primary camera is great and gives you clear photos. It has a dual-lens camera system and the secondary camera is 20 megapixels.

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