The Latest Craze of Vehicle Industry this October 2017 - Things You Need To Know Today


The Latest Craze of Vehicle Industry this October 2017

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Automobiles are not just a necessity but also a fashion who doesn’t want a car that meets his needs as well as reflects his status and taste? Here are three different options for the car you may wan o buy.

Hyundai Sonata

The new sensation in the automobile world, Hyundai is gaining ground for its comfortable ride and brilliant features. It provides excellent mileage and the facility of a large enough trunk. With a lot to offer, Sonata is making its place in the ranking of cars. Its service is good as far as fuel economy and space are concerned. The features and looks are no doubt great. Its excellent service and has gained it the Best Midsize Car Award in 2017.

The plus points about Hyundai Sonata are undeniable. One would love to enjoy a smooth and lovely ride in this car and its available space inside. Besides, the coziness offered is another feather in its cap. The car comes with a long warranty, which gives the users a sense of security. The power output and acceleration are moderately good.

The Hyundai Sonata has room for five people inside it. For seats, there are many options like cloth upholstery, leather upholstery, and heated front and rear seats and so on. The seats are comfortable and spacious. The looks of the interior is tasteful but not too showy. The car has the facility of Bluetooth, radio, USB port, a good sound system and other technological supports installed in it.

So, going by its looks, service and facilities provided, Hyundai Sonata can easily be put on your possible list of cars to buy.


‘Chic’ VW Polo

Another classy and posh option of a car may be the new ‘Chic’ VW Polo which is mainly meant for youths. To impress the mind of young buyers, this car shows obvious signs of the attempts of its makers to get over the lack of chick and flashiness of its earlier versions. The car may be a worth considering option for youths, especially the just graduated ones and those who want the design of their car to go with their stylish life.

The service of the car normally satisfies the craze for speed of young users providing speed of up to sixty five kilometers per hour. In the front it also has a radar system. Keeping pace with its other smart features the CNG r engine is also of high quality and strong.


2017 BMW 4-Series

When you own a BMW, driving must be fun for you. Elegant, stylish, shiny, the car will simply take your breath away. Matching its extraordinary other qualities, the car has three powerful turbocharged engines. It’s a good choice in terms of speed and fuel economy. This is a tough competitor for other cars trying to make their way into public eye. Besides being roomy enough, it provides enough cargo space. One attractive safety feature of the car is it automatic self-parking system. This is a good sporty for those who are looking for a sport and cozy luxury car.

The car seats four people and the front seats ca slide a long way down providing a sporty lo and more legroom. The infotainment system of the car does mach its superb looks and excellent service.

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