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What type of educational toys should you gift your toddler?

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A toddler needs toys just like it need the company of its parents for a healthy life ahead. Its toys are part and parcel of its life as much of its thinking and imagination depends on the toys it plays with. Obviously, toys are then much more important in a toddler’s life than they seem to be. While it’s possible to keep a toddler busy with almost any kind of toys, it’s important to select its toys sensibly to make them a means of education to it. Here are some toys that will ensure both fun and learning for your kids.



This is an excellent package full of fun and learning for kids, especially those that have just started to take their first lessons on learning how to read, count and solve simple mathematical problems. What makes it attractive is that it has replayable functions so that kids don’t get bored. This thing educated your kid through questions, making them respond to challenges, music, jokes and so on. It also directs kids towards writing practice. This includes games and other educative challenges. The puzzles and math problems will make your kid a little genius at a very early age. The books and activities included are designed spark interest to read and respond to colourful pictures. So if you’re looking for a package to make your kid a little champ, this can be a good choice.


Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

For parents who want to see their kids excel in science in future this is an awesome thing. This is an easy and interesting way to introduce the magical world of science to your child. It includes teaching things from initial reactions in chemistry to the use of scientific tools. Besides, to avoid making science boring and complicated to the tender minds, this includes various interesting and easy scientific experiments or games such as making sunset in a test tube. It’s recommended for children starting from six years of age.



LeapFrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch Laptop Toy

Here’s a little laptop for little kids, a wonderful, nice looking and easy to carry toy to teach your kid numbers, letters, music and much more. With five modes for learning, it’s screen can flip and get into tablet mode from keyboard. This is designed to match the ideas of learning with the passion and interests of your kids so that they learn through playing. This can easily incite in your kids the desire to learn and playfully teach them some basics of various fields to learn.


Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register

Do you want to see your kid as a successful businessman in  future life? Here’s something that can help you. With Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register, try making your kid a little cashier and introduce him to the world of business transactions. No, it won’t be that complicated as it’s just a game, but does teach some business to your child. It even has light and voice message functions. It will also improve your kid’s math skills. The currency notes are life-size and other business tools are there in it. It has automatic shut down function.

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