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Infant’s Nose Aspirator: Does it Really Work?

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A stuffed nose is a nuisance for all, especially for babies. No parents like their child to suffer from a stuffed nose and have problem breathing. Using nose aspirator helps your child get rid of this problem and breathe and sleep comfortably. The rubber bulb syringe that parents get from the hospital for their babies works quite well. They are effective in cleaning the nose of the troublesome mucus inside. Moisten the nostrils of the child with a few drops of nasal saline so that the mucus gets loose. You can buy the saline from at pharmacies or make it at home by mixing eight ounces of warm water and ¼ teaspoon of salt. The water must be sterilized and new saline should be made for every day. Tilt the head of your baby and put some saline into the nostrils with a dropper and keep the head tilted for some time. The saline is supposed to be enough to give relief but if the baby still have problem breathing, suck out the mucus with the suction device.

To use a rubber bulb syringe, squeeze all the air out of the bulb and create vacuum inside. Then gently insert its tip into the nostrils. Release it slowly so that it can suck out the mucus. Then remove it and use a tissue to bring out the mucus. Clean the syringe and do the same for the other nostril. If your baby is not relieved yet, apply saline and repeat the process after 5 to 10 minutes. Do not use the suction more than 2/3 times a day and do not use saline drops for more than 4 successive days as it will dry the inside of the nostrils and cause trouble to your baby. The entire process must be gentle to avoid pain.

Some nasal aspirators come with nozzles to be positioned at the openings of the nostrils. It has a long and soft tube and a mouthpiece. You have to use your mouth to suck out the mucus. There is a filter to block bacteria and prevents the inhalation of germs into your mouth. The snot is stored in a container and the entire process is safe and clean. The filter is replaceable. The device is easy to dismantle and wash. The advantage with this device is that the level of suction depends on the pressure you apply with your mouth and not on any automatic device.

However, if you are disgusted at the thought of having to suck out mucus with your mouth, you do not need to worry. There is an electric nasal aspirator for you. It requires no manual labour and no sucking. You just need to press the button, insert it in the nose of the baby and it starts working. Its continuous easily and quickly removes the stubborn mucus inside your child’s nostrils and provides instant relief. The suction is automatically controlled and there is no possibility of pain. Some electric aspirators have AC adaptors but most use batteries.

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