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Why You Should Visit Addis Ababa

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The cultural and commercial hub of Ethiopia and the country’s expanding capital, Addis Ababa is a great tourist attraction. This is Ethiopia’s largest city and is often called the Capital of Africa as it has in it the embassy of every country in the country. The city boasts a charming weather. This amazing tourist attraction will give you a lot to do, eat and see to occupy your time.

Addis Mercato

Though noisy and crowded, this place is very entertaining and is vibrant with life. Walking around here is one of the best experiences in Addis Ababa. The market here is very large with there are many different sections in the market. Here you can choose from a wide variety of wares. Apart from shopping, you can also enjoy just going to the place and seeing the crowd and the activities there. You shouldn’t carry unnecessary load and be careful about your pocket. There are many guards and cops for security, but pickpockets here are a big nuisance.

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