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Why You Should Visit Auckland

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The only true Metropolis of New Zealand, Auckland is vibrant and the country’s economic centre. The city sprawls in helter-skelter manner. Most of the visitors coming to New Zealand arrive at Auckland. The outdoor and cultural attractions are really captivating. The art galleries and monuments are of fine quality. The city’s coastline is flecked with nice beaches. The Hauraki Gulf provides a feel of the scenery of New Zealand’s national park at the entrance of the city. The tourism in Auckland earns New Zealand a strong amount of revenue.

Auckland Sky Tower

The 328 metres tall Sky Tower of Auckland is the tallest building in New Zealand and the most prominent landmark of the city. You can reach the observation deck in a glass elevator and capture the panorama effect of the city. Just get your camera and snap pictures of views spreading 80 kilometres if the day is clear. The Sky Tower has more to offer than the view. Visitors can walk on the 192-meter-high Sky Walk platform encircling the tower’s pergola and feel the thrill. And if you want to take the thrill to a crazy extent, jump off the platform from the Sky Jump.

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