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Best street food of India

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If you are going to India then let me tell you that you India has a rich cuisine and you will definitely enjoy their delicious and great foods and will continue to enjoy throughout your stay there. The culinary delights and enjoyments of India are basically astonishing and there are such a large number of various sorts or styles of foods that you don’t understand where to start.

Each country has its own particular style of foods. India is no different however it is exceptional in that practically every food has its own particular style of taste it is truly a heaven of foods. You can truly taste your way through India. From the northern curries toward the southern dosas and uttapams .Gulanb jamana and rangula is famous all over the country and you can easily find it. Today we will share and see some famous Indian street food that is known all around the country and everyone love to eat them especially tourists doesn’t let this taste go.

  1. Jalebi


This is a famous dish available everywhere in India. It’s a sticky coil like sweet made of flour and sugar. It is fried in deep oil and served as sweet dish especially at tea parties.

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