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Fashion trends you must avoid in a wedding

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Almost every one of us dream of becoming one of the bride or groom in a wedding ceremony where we are dressed in a gown or coat and tie walking slowly down in the aisle of the church we wish to have the ritual done.

And as we walk in the aisle with our parents, every one inside the church are looking at us as if we are the center of attraction and so we are a bit nervous and wanted to make sure that everything is alright and importantly we look good and avoid any negative reactions from the guests and also to the family members inside it. Because we know that all of the attendees are looking in our every move from top to bottom and also the gown and accessories that we are wearing, it is very important to know the fashion trends that we must avoid in order to stay away from any negative rumors. Since this ceremony will happen only once in our life, we want to make sure that it is perfect.

Attending a formal occasion such as wedding can be crucial for some people especially for women. Fashion changes every time, not just for women, but also for men. Although men’s fashion trends are simpler than women, it is also very important to know what needs to wear in a wedding and what are not. If you are the bride, then you must not only look good, but also feel good and most importantly, you must appear as the most beautiful lady from the rest and so every detail of what you wear such as make ups, wedding gowns, accessories, bags and shoes are very significant as you will appear in front of the many people, not just your family, but also to your friends and friends of your relatives too. Whether you will be the center of the attraction of the event or not, you must still check first the fashion trends for the wedding occasion. In short, you should have a checklist on the clothes of what should and should wear.

One important thing when you are attending a wedding is to avoid wearing color black. This is a rule for almost everyone. Because color plays a very important role in every occasion and since you are attending a happy and formal ceremony, then you should wear formal clothes with happy colors such as red or pink. Color black symbolizes sadness, death, negativity and mystery. Another color to avoid wearing is all white, except if the attire indicated in the invitation is all white and if you are the bride. Color white symbolizes purity, cleanliness, plain and virginity, but of course it is not a happy color for some people.  Another important thing to consider is how you wear your accessories on the big day itself. Yes, even the type and number of accessories we are wearing is important, so we should avoid wearing too much of it. Of course we would wear a more formal accessory that suits the dress or coat and tie that we are wearing. The color of the accessories is also important, because it should suit the color of the clothes you are wearing, so for example you are wearing red gown, then color green accessory may be a good combination for you. If you wear black color accessory, then it may not fit your style, so mix and matching these is very important. If you already have the dress / coat and tie and accessory to wear then maybe the next thing you should also consider is your foot wear. Choosing the right footwear is also important. Deciding if you will wear 2-3 inches is also a decision that you should make. If you are a tall person, then maybe you can wear at least 2 inches close shoes or step in, but if you are not that tall, then of course you can opt to choose 4 inches or more footwear for you. Of course one should avoid wearing rubber shoes and other informal footwear for this wedding.  Don’t forget to match your shoes with your gown.

For the make ups on your face, we should avoid having too much of it and the color can be lighter. Simple make up is better than overdoing it. Some people do look better with simple and less make up than people with too much of it, because if we over do it, we may look so mature that other people may have negative reactions on it.



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