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How to lose weight

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Are you a lazy head like the most of the people on earth?  Are you tired after the long working hours to work out to lose some pounds? Well, if it is “Yes” then this is a piece of writing which is only yours. Most of the cases what happens that we want to look beautiful and slim but our food, work and sometimes time do not allow us to go to the gym or do some hard exercise to burn some calories. And at the end of the day our dream remains a dream of looking beautiful and perfect in front of the mirror. I can bet you too fall in the category that you plan to start doing exercise from tomorrow and then tomorrow your work schedule or other important task knocks you down.

Well, the worry is over. Now losing weight is as easy as drinking water if you are a little bit punctual to follow a routine. I know you are punctual enough as you are a working person or a student or a home maker who does works on time.

 Here are some easiest ways to lose weight without doing any exercise:

Diet: Are you a foodie? Do you love eating? It’s okay if you do so. But why don’t you act clever, I mean it’s alright if you can’t stay without food then eat healthily. Add fiber, fruits and fat-free items in your diet list. Cucumber is a must if you are thinking to burn calories. Try to have a light breakfast, proper lunch of your wish and again early dinner which must have fewer calories. If you have to attend any party or there is any occasion and your home is full of delicious high-calorie dishes then omit your one meal with juice or something liquid to balance.  That’s it!

Sleep:  Don’t be surprised! Proper sleep helps to you lose some calories. If you take an early dinner and stay awake for late night, it is obvious that you will feel hungry which led you to eat something. Let me tell you this is the real enemy of you. So eat early and sleep tight.  But of course, avoid untimely sleep.

Drink more: Drink water as much as you can. It is an incredible idea to drink a glass of water before you take any meal. But of course don’t try to drink calories. I mean soft drinks, lemonade or any kind of soda. If you crave for the desired weight you must overlook this kind of little things.

Honey as your great savior: Yes, you read it right. If you are not willing to work out then early in the morning on an empty stomach take one and half table spoon of honey with one spoon of ground cinnamon and mix it with a glass of warm water and drink it. This little thing works so amazingly if you can continue it for a period of three to four months. Taking sugar-free yogurt of two and a half spoon in the morning or before sleeping also helps in the same way.

Laugh more and breathe:  There is an old proverb saying “Smile is a curve that sets everything straight” Literally it is! Smiling also helps lose your extra pounds. I mean who doesn’t like laughing? A study says if you laugh ten minutes then it burns more than 50 calories. Isn’t it amazing? So laugh and stay fit. Laughing also drives our stress away. Cool, isn’t it? Don’t forget to practice breathing. I mean maintaining a proper way of breathing may also help to lose weight. It’s very simple and easy. All you need is to just breathe through your nose as much as you can fill and then slowly release it out through your mouth.

So, why to waste time? Take a notebook and plan your lazy routine to lose extra pounds in the easiest way. Amazing, isn’t it?

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