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What makes Samsung galaxy s7 better than other phones?

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Because it is already 2017, most of us want to have a new or better phone to use as a reward or gift for ourselves. Of course we would want to choose the best for us with the good or affordable price we can have and speaking of new phones, there is one brand and type that we can check and that is obviously the Samsung Galaxy S7. I’m sure you have already heard of this smart phone in the market, because of the advertisement, promotions and also the good stories we have heard from the people around about its good features versus the other smart phones especially from the other brands. So, if you are one of the person who is planning to buy a smart phone, specifically Samsung Galaxy S7, then we can take a look at some of its features and what makes is a better phone that the other.

  1. Storage Expansion

Almost every smart phone nowadays has built in storage inside the smart phone itself, although most of it has only limited storage. Since there are many smart phones available in the market to choose from, some consumers are also looking for the storage features of the phone itself. Well, with the new Samsung Galaxy S7, you can take advantage of its storage expansion feature wherein the user utilizes the microSD slot depending on the needs. If you will take a look at the micro SD card slot, it is placed next to the NANO-sim card drawer at the back of the phone itself. Take not also that this model or phone has 32GB storage, so if you are planning to keep your memories in it such as memorable photos or just wanted to have lots of application or games installed, then you can do so as long as it is within the 32GB capacity. Since this is a large capacity, then you can also download videos where in you can watch them on the go.

  1. Design

We wanted to be stylish and at the same time updated in design, this is why Samsung introduced to us the Samsung Galaxy S7 which has the metallic glossy glass design with the simple buttons and functions as the other smart phone of Samsung has.  The phone itself was designed to have dual-curve backs and this is one of the reasons why many consumers feel comfortable when they hold them.

  1. Display

Yes, finally, this phone also has one of the best displays it can provide the consumers. Because of its 5.1 inches screen size, people will not have a hard time looking for small details in their phones.  With this, consumers can take advantage of watching their favorite movies, play their favorite games and also view their images, such as “selfies”, in a wider screen. Aside from the screen size, this new phone’s feature is it has already the AMOLED technology display, which has Active Matrix OLED, meaning, a hybrid technology display usually present in smart phones to view their devices better. The screen resolution itself is 1,440 x 2560, 576ppi (Gorilla Glass) and with that it has clearer quality of images and text displays already so the images will not appear blurry.

  1. Processor

What other people like about this phone is it has already an Octa-core processor, meaning it can process or run 8 processors at the same time. Some smart phones only have Quad-core processor and can only run 4 processors at the same time, but this phone, it can run double and so you can do many things.

Having all of the features of functions of the phones itself above, I am sure that this is one of the best smart phones on your list to have this 2017. There are many more features and functions of the phones such as it has 5 MP camera, dual LED flash feature, Wi-Fi, and big battery capacity that other smart phones do not offer. Of course with all the good features and functions that this phone gives, the price is already reasonable than the other phone can offer. As the saying goes, “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it” – a quote from Peter Drucker.  And as what Steve Jobs said, “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”, so it is better to buy one good Samsung Galaxy S7 than having lots of low quality smart phone that is not functioning best for us and has poor quality features than we expected.

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