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Soap Vs Shower Gel?

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To wash, there are those who don’t use anything else but the shower gel and those who use bar soap. Is one of these two solutions better than the other?

In the aisle of toiletries, we have the choice between two types of products to wash daily: soaps and shower gels. Between these two solutions, you do not know which one to choose, and you would like to know if one of them is preferable?

If the soap is very effective, the shower gel is often less aggressive to the skin.

Is soap more desiccant than shower gel?

Soap is an ancestral product. And while shower gel has been the hallmark of bathrooms for several years, soap retains great virtues. In addition to being economical, it has very powerful washing agents. It is therefore generally more effective when it cleans your skin. Not all skin types, however.

The soaps are regularly accused to have a drying effect on the body. Indeed, they often have a detergent action which can destroy the Hydrolipidic film of the skin, which is the protection which covers the surface of the epidermis and which constitutes an essential barrier against the multiple external attacks. Result: the skin tightens, itches and blushes. When you have dry or sensitive skin, it is better to avoid them!

The average lifetime of a soap of two hundred and fifty grams, one shower per day, is two months (for one person), one month for a shower gel. A soap that melts quickly is not a good soap. Same if it cracks in time. If it softens very quickly, it is because it contains too much water and has not dried long enough during its manufacture. His “heart” did not have time to harden. Also avoid glycerine soaps, which quickly melt.

Is the shower gel the ideal solution?

Many chemicals used in the manufacture of shower gels, it is better to check their composition. Perfumes, preservatives or anti-limescale agents are all elements that can cause serious skin problems. Thanks to a pH closer to that of the skin, shower gels gently clean and they do not dry out the epidermis. But beware, not all shower gels are equal, because their composition varies greatly from one product to another, and it is not always easy to decrypt the labels. It should be remembered that the more a shower gel foams, the more it is potentially irritating. Some components may also cause allergies.

What should you choose? Soap or shower gel?

As we have seen, soap and shower gel have both their advantages and disadvantages. One is not better than the other in general. To make the right choice, it is better to rely on the composition of each product. If you have preferences for the soap, then choose natural soaps, such as Aleppo soap or black soap. However, beware where you buy them because copies and counterfeits are common. For shower gels, the same principle: choose the products that contain the least possible ingredients and/or for organic products. Buy them preferably in an organic store, and opt for a certified brand, with a recognized label.

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