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The best way you can avoid diaper rashes is to clean the diaper area and keep it dry. You can also adopt a few simple strategies to stop diaper rashes from developing on your baby’s skin and give it the comfort it needs –

  1. Change diapers frequently. Be quick in removing wet or dirty ones. If your baby is being taken care of by someone else, instruct them to do so.
  2. Wash the bottom of your child with warm water every time you change the diaper.You can use sinks, tubs or water bottles to do so. Moist cloths, cotton balls or baby wipes can be used for cleaning. But remember to rub the skin of your baby gently. Avoid wipes with alcohol or fragrance. In case you choose to use soap, opt for a mild and fragrance-free one.
  3. After cleaning, gently pat the skin dry with the help of a clean towel or let it dry in the air. Don’t scrub the bottom skin. It will irritate the skin.
  4. Never over-tighten the diapers. Tight diapers prevent air-flow into the covered up area that creates a damp environment suitable to diaper rashes. Tight diapers can also cause scratches in the waist or thigh area.
  5. Whenever possible, let your baby move freely without a diaper. Exposing skin to air is a good way to let it breathe and dry gently. To avoid any accident, lay your baby on a large, comfortable towel and enjoy playing with him or her.
  6. Apply ointments regularly. If your baby gets rashes often, apply a soothing ointment every time you change the diaper. It will help with the skin irritation. Choose ointments with petroleum jelly and zinc oxide.
  7. After changing diapers, wash your hands properly. It will stop the spread of bacteria or yeast to other parts of the baby’s body.
  8. In the past, it was a common practice to use powders, such as talcum powders or corn starch to protect the skin of the baby. Doctors now never recommend this as powders if inhaled can irritate the lungs.
  9. In case of using cloth diapers, be careful of washing them. Washing methods may vary and a lot of routines work well. The idea is to clean, disinfect and remove the soap residue.
  10. Never rub the bottom of your baby after a bath with the towel. It might irritate your babies sensitive skin.
  11. Don’t use plastic diaper covers or diapers with plastic edges. Both retain moisture and fuel the growth of germs in the covered area.
  12. At times, super-absorbent diapers that seem handy and useful trap the moisture inside and trigger diaper rashes. Try experimenting with different type of diapers and change brands when needed.
  13. Children taking antibiotics may be prone to rashes as the antibiotic elements kill some healthy bacteria. They might also contribute to diarrhea that is another cause of rashes on the bottom.
  14. Keep a check on the food your baby eats. If he or she is trying something new, the composition of the stool changes and certain acids in a few food items like strawberries and fruit juices might be really troublesome for some toddlers. Any new item might increase the bowel movement of your child. All these aspects can collectively contribute to diaper rashes.

Take care of your baby simply by following these easy tips. But if the condition is beyond control. Immediately seek the help of a doctor.


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