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Best Villas Available for Summer Vacation in Maldives

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Every year, your summer vacation must be a blast to energize you for the rest of the year. If you’re looking for a beautiful country to spend your summer vacation, Maldives can be a good option for you. In order to have a satisfying and worth remembering holiday, it’s a must that you choose a good place to spend it. In Maldives, there are some excellent villas that will make your holiday simply great.

101 – Puunoa Beach Estates

Luxurious, stylish and elegant, this offers a large space of 1,700 square feet with exquisite decoration and nice furnishings. If you are looking for a beachfront, this is especially suitable for you. You will, at the same time, enjoy enough privacy and be able to walk to Lahaina Town, an attraction. Here you will witness the richness and uniqueness of Hawaiian art in furniture while enjoying the refreshing view of the ocean and the golden sandy beach. You will also be provided with some additional facilities like ice maker, housekeeping, DVD player, coffee maker etc.

Mala Maldives Dhangethi

It’s a three-room hotel offering comfortable stay at low cost. It is located near Bikini Beach. There are many luxury resorts and shops and restaurants available near this house. All the rooms have air conditioning facilities. If you provide them with your flight number and arrival time, they will receive you at the airport and help you get to Dhangethi Island. They will also help you with guide, waiters and chef.


The Amilla Beach Villa

A UNESCO biosphere reserve, the Amilla Beach Villa is especially for the elite. Here you will enjoy a unique view of the beach, crystal lagoons, sandy stretches and cozy and warm service. To flare your pleasure are restaurants with a wide range of items to satisfy your palate, spa, kids club, and facilities of games and sports for adults and kids. Besides, additional facilities like ping pong table, generator, babysitter, wifi etc. are also there. The villa is especially known for its extraordinary view of the sea and the beach with coconut trees. You will be thrilled while walking barefoot on the white sandy path cut through by wind.

Mala Boutique Inn

Romantic, elegant and beautiful, Mala Boutique Inn is located in the Beach are of Dhangethi Island. This is a private hotel designed for tourists who wish to enjoy Maldives’ natural beauty offering four large fully air conditioned rooms. Hot/cold water is available in every room along with TV and wifi. Mouth watering dishes cooked by well trained and experienced chefs are available at the restaurant. This place offers a great opportunity to experience the traditional Maldives and explore the richness of its culture. You can have a great time relaxing on the sandy beaches. The place is surrounded by several luxury resorts where you can go for lunch and use swimming pool. Guests are received from the airport and are provided with help to reach Dhangethi. They have well trained staff to help boarders with daily necessary items.

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