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Going In Summer Vacation Alone! A Dream Or a Nightmare?

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When it comes time to prepare for your summer vacation, there are a number of choices available to us and we need to make some decisions. Backpack or suitcase? Sea or mountain? Big city or nature? And of course, a group or solo trip? For some, the choice is obvious, but for others, the adventure seems to them just as interesting in group as solitary.

Some will often try to prove that solo travels are better than group trips, and vice versa. Yet both types of travel have both equal benefits and disadvantages.

Traveling alone is becoming more and more popular, but many fingers remain focused on this practice. Much ignorance about an unforgettable experience.

Here are some advantages and drawbacks of solo summer trips:


  • Freedom of choice

What a joy to be able to decide for yourself where to go, the mode of transport, the route, the meals, the times of waking up and going to bed … There is no pressure from another person and it is thus easier to follow his desires and his tastes.

  • Pastries for dinner? And why not?

Who will be able to prevent you from eating sweet at all meals, to take two snacks in the morning, to eat only organic vegetables or to crack for room service?

  • Fewer quarrels

This is mainly due to an absence of real compromise: one wants more than the other can offer, the other likes to sleep late in the morning when one is ready for 6am…. It’s never very serious, but it inevitably fades. And this is especially true when the travel conditions are more … random. This doesn’t preclude to adore traveling in group! But breathing from time to time offers a perfect balance.


  • Challenging yourself

You are responsible for your entire trip: planning, budget, language, research, transport … and it’s good to fend for yourself! Despite the difficulties, fears, insecurities and doubts we always come out of it and this satisfaction of managing a situation entirely, outside of a professional context or our daily routine, is definitely worth it.

  • There is always a place for you (restaurant, lodging, transportation)

A person takes up little space, it is always easy to find a way to place yourself, even without reservations. A few words in the language of the country, and a sincere smile, open many doors for you.

  • The pleasure of meeting again the people we love

Traveling alone is incredibly rewarding and exciting, but nothing beats the happiness of hugging one’s loved ones after a trip without them. I do not miss my life when I travel but that is far from the case of people I love and if some people can get me upset in my daily routine, doing this pose always brings me back to them with the links more as narrow as ever.


  • Costs more expensive

You are the only person to pay for this journey. All that generates costs: food, hotel, transport and shopping are all your responsibility. So, you will have to make wise choices according to your desires and your budget. What is good though is that there are things you can pay upstream if the trip is planned long before the fateful date.

  • Nobody can help you if you go sick

Being sick on a trip, it sucks. If you travel alone … well, you’ll have to manage yourself. It’s always good to have your mother next to you, a caring friend or one’s dear half, but here it is not the case. You have to fend for yourself.

  • Higher anxiety

It is normal I think that anxiety is a little more present in such a situation. You go into an unknown place, outside of your landmarks and, shady people, there are everywhere. You are not scared maybe, but you are more alert than usual and you keep double-checking your stuff often.

  • Sharing memories

In fact, it’s good to have your own memories, but there’s a bit of a flatter side to not being able to share with someone, to not have an inside. In 10 years, you could not tell a friend “hey, do you remember when …” Only you will remember forever all the details of this trip (which is not worse either).

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