The Pros and Cons of Going on a Shoestring Budget Summer Vacation - Things You Need To Know Today


The Pros and Cons of Going on a Shoestring Budget Summer Vacation

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A summer vacation with family or friend is enjoyable to all. It’s refreshing, memorable and a very good way to improve relationship with friends and family. But like every other positive things in life, it also has some not-to-be-liked aspects also. A low budge summer vacation can easily be arranged anytime. Let’s see its pros and cons.


A summer vacation provides your tired mind and body a long wished for rest. After a long time of work pressure and tension such a vacation is a must to boost energy for further work. A vacation means relief from the mechanical city life and having to repeat the same thing every day. You feel light on a vacation and can indulge in pleasures you don’t get at home or work. You can simply forget all formalities and adulthood and be a child. The memory of a good vacation is enough refreshment for the mind for next one year. The older you get, the dearer the memories become.

The nagging cold and disturbing minor diseases are gone is summer, so you can get out tension free and get off on a happy vacation. You can get your skin tanned on some beautiful beach or have a reverie bathing in some river or sea.

A vacation lets you see new places and people. You get to know about other cultures. Seeing people and places different from you lets you understand yourself and your culture better. Besides these, getting close to nature offers you an opportunity to purify you mind and shake of all the rigidity and narrowness. It’s a great way for one to see the world which is much bigger and greater than one’s office or classroom and be sociable.

A vacation takes you through some exotic and new experiences and experience is the best teacher. So a vacation doesn’t mean your study or career are paused, they’re very well on. So fill your mind with experiences while on a vacation besides filling your bag with gifts for family and friends.


The problem with a vacation is that it makes you forget work, study, homework and gets you used to a thrilling life. So, after coming back home, you have problem getting back to your work and daily routine and feel a bit disturbed with your daily not-so-thrilling routine. You realize that your hometown is a boring place unlike the place that you’ve just been to. You get up in the morning not with the pleasant and exiting thought of visiting new places but with the thought of having to go to work or school. It’s especially bad for idlers. Besides, homemade food may taste bland compared to the delicious items you have tasted while vacationing.

While you’re enjoying your vacation with some of your friends and family members, you must miss your other friends and family members. But it’s never possible to take them all on a vacation.

So plan your vacation considering the pros and cons but never let the cons make you reluctant to go on a vacation.

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