The Road trip— the New Trend of Summer Vacation - Things You Need To Know Today


The Road trip— the New Trend of Summer Vacation

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There are many ways you can enjoy your summer vacation. You can choose posh trips like travelling by air or ship. But there are many places in America where you can go by road. Don’t get shocked; road trips are quite pleasant and involve fun that isn’t found in plane or ship journey.

First, let’s find out some superb sites of spending vacation in America where you can go by road.

California Coast

The 500 mile coast is a great destination for pure fun. There are many quaint cozy towns and many lodging options. There are many choices of places to have your meal along the coast. This is a great place for kayaking. This is the country’s largest protected marine area and there are plenty of picturesque sites. You may also have close encounters with baby elephant seals. You can also visit Shell Beach located in Pismo. The coastline is beautifully adorned with fantastic formation of rocks. You can kayak to the amazing Dinosaur Caves. You can collect a lot of shells.

If you don’t like crow, head directly to Jalama Beach I Lompoc. This place is famous for Jalama Burgers and amazing ocean views. The sea usually remains come without rough wind.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is managed by the U.S. National Park Service and is located in the Sierra Nevada region of Northern California. Established in October 1890, it’s the third oldest national park. More than 95 per cent area of the park is covered in wilderness. Here you’ll have over 747,956 acres to explore the crystal clear streams, mesmerizing waterfalls, granite cliffs, mountains, lakes and so on. The biodiversity of the place is captivating. The vast 1.200 square miles of mind-blowing wild lands, groves and unique rock formations make the area a must visit.

Grand Canyon

This place is a must visit for sightseeing lovers. Each view in this place is breath taking. The heights, the vastness and the natural beauty will leave you awe struck. This majestic place is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is the pride of America. Over 6million years ago this place was carved by the mighty Colorado River. The park covers an area of 1,217,403 acres.  If you want to feel the thrill, just walk across the 4,000 feet high skywalk.

Lake Tahoe

Straddling both California and Nevada, this is a famous resort area. Many ski resorts are available. Two hot springs with fantastic night view are available here. Here you’ll get to fish and live in quaint cottages and some friendly locals.


A road trip is very different from any other kind of trips. Many, especially the rich, would probably laugh at the thought of a road trip but it’s really amazing. Sometimes you should just forget all the posh and rich ways of life and be casual and enjoy freedom. A road trip takes you closer to the places and people that you come across on the way to your destination. Besides, a road trip with family and friends is an excellent way to improve bonds with them. So, try to plan and enjoy road trips.

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