Where Would You Plan Your 2018 Summer Vacation for Your Significant Other? - Things You Need To Know Today


Where Would You Plan Your 2018 Summer Vacation for Your Significant Other?

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It’s time to heat up your summer with romance and a truly exhilarating summer vacation. A summer vacation with anybody is always special but one with your better half must be something unique and warm. Here are some suggestions of places you can go to with your spouse this summer to boost your marriage life and make indelible memories.

Rovinj, Croatia

Beautifully adorned with terracotta rooftops, beautiful churches and snaky streets, the medieval old city of Rovinj welcomes romantic couples with its romantic sea view and cozy restaurants along the waterfront. Here, in an exquisite environment, you’ll get to shop for fresh vegetables and sea foods as well as enjoy a mouth watering cuisine at nearby restaurants. You can have a picnic in Golden Cape Forest and take a short bike ride from the old part of the town. The edge of the forest can be seen from Hotel Lone which provides stylish and tasteful rooms with balconies with private infinity pools. You can have a thrilling and romantic dinner at hilltop at Monte where both the food and the environment are awesome.

Mendoza, Argentina

Here in Mendoza, the aura of the city will let you sip every drop of romance with pleasure and satisfaction. The famous Cavas Wine Lodge with chic adobe rooms will enthrall you with its comfort and other perks like fireplaces, pools, outdoor showers. You’ll have a nice view of the snowcapped Andes mountain range.

Helsinki, Finland

If you’re looking for a kind of rustic and close-to-nature type of environment for your summer vacation, Helsinki can be a good choice for you. The Finnish capital offers its beauty in the full swing in the summer and its islands and fjords create a fantastic environment. The best cooks of the city gather and cook a wide range of foods to welcome the guests. You can board the colourful ship, Doris for lunch while sightseeing and reach the Design District where you’ll find shops and boutiques.


One of the most visited Caribbean places, Jamaica is well known for its music, beautiful sunset, affordability and romantic aura. There are special romantic destinations for couples like Negril and Rockhouse Hotel. There are romantic villas with thatched roofs and arrangement for gourmet foods like mahi mahi eaten with mango chutney. A very special attraction for couples is The Negril Royal Palm Reserve, a forest with beauty and tranquility famous for eco-tourism. This place is home to 114 plant species and more than 300 animal species including birds and butterflies. This is the only place in the world where the Morass Royal Palms are found. You can visit the museum to learn about plants and animals native to the place and also take a guided tour through the morass swamp forest along the wooden Royal Palm Boardwalk Trail. This place is also great for experiencing the richness of the native culture. The pleasure is complemented by perks like horse riding, Pleasants strolls, fishing, scientific research, bird watching and so on.


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